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Your Home's Guardian

Home EconomicsIn today’s world of home economics, the art of balancing finances and budgets has become a never ending battle. The constant changing of gas prices, food prices and housing cost have left us all in a struggle to make these equal and/or balance out on the bottom line of our weekly and monthly budgets. The Home Protection Bureau understands these conflicts and has established convenient and economical ways to help counteract the soaring cost of home maintenance and repairs. As with the “Big Box” companies that offer memberships which are able to provide bulk rate pricing at substantial discounts, this too is the key to home repair pricing. Where one has the ability and purchasing power of many to buy in bulk, through group participation. By joining one of the Home Protection Bureau’s Everybody Plans you too will have the purchasing power of many and can start enjoying the ease of convenient scheduling for all your home repair needs. Over the past few years the industry has seen a growth of companies offering home warranties that average in cost from $250 to $500 a year. These warranty plans are usually for only specific appliances and/or fixture items in your home, with many Non-Covered Exceptions, dependent upon the type plan you purchase. Each have a Service Call Fee and usually a pre-defined Deductible Charge added onto the cost for each usage and/or service event. With this type plan you pay monthly for the coverage of an item and then again when you have to use the service. This is the major difference between a home warranty and the Home Protection Bureau’s Everybody Plan, with the Everybody Plan you pay a small monthly membership fee and then only for what you use (with No Non-Covered Exceptions). Many articles have been written explaining the extended warranty plans of many items such as electronics, auto’s and homes, all having the same final conclusion of being “Not a Good Value for the Dollar”. This is why the Home Protection Bureau has developed a New and Innovative Plan to help you Minimize the spending of Your Hard Earned Money, in paying only for the services you use. The Home Protection Bureau welcomes and invites you to join the “Everybody Plan” today and put an end to the soaring cost of repairs and the hassles of dealing with multiple contractors. Come Join Today and start receiving the value that you deserve for your hard earned dollar.